How I manage customer feedback for my bootstrapped SaaS

Another edition in my weekly "building a SaaS" blog. Bit less technical this time, as I look at how I fumbled around with getting customer feedback from the early private beta days up to now with actual paying customers.

The post goes into:

  • Using Hotjar and how it sorta worked for me.
  • Using Drift and why I was totally wrong about chat widget.
  • Using Github as a public roadmap.

All of this for $0.0



  1. 1

    Thanks for sharing your experience!
    I'm gonna borrow a couple of ideas :)
    Question, though - do you use Drift on a free plan? Is it enough?

    1. 1

      More than welcome, and please steal/borrow/use whatever you can find.
      I'm on the free Drift plan yes. For now it's more than enough.

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