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How I Maximized My Developer Productivity

Josh Ternyak @JoshTernyak

I wasn't always productive.

I used to spend my days and nights surfing Instagram and Snapchat while watching funny cat videos as a part time job.

It was boring, useless, and silly.

But after 3 years of self development and web development, I now only spend less than 20 minutes a day on my cell phone.

As you can see, I spend 38 minutes on "Social Networking", which only includes messenger and the alarm clock. I DO NOT have any social media apps on my cell phone.

Completely removing non-essential apps from my phone has saved me quite literally my life (to clarify: my definition of "my life" is what I spend all of my time on).

But how did I, a 15 year old web nerd who used to spend 7+ hours on my cell phone like millions of others, "become" so productive?

I'll tell you..

Wasting your time = wasting your life.
We all know humans have become professional time-wasters, whether it's surfing Snapchat for funny stories or posting on Facebook how bored they are.

I used to do these exact same things.

But then I did something that completely changed my life:

For anyone who has trouble with productivity, this is the most important piece of advice I can give you:

Once you realize that wasting time means you're wasting your life, then you'll probably want to change something about what you do everyday.
But that probably leaves you with the question:

So, how did I, Josh Ternyak, actually reduce my screen time from 7+ hours a day (full time job) to less than 20 minutes a day 😎?

Here's how:

I found meaningful work to do to fill up my time instead of removing distractions and not having anything important to do
I deleted ALL APPS except for the apps the Iphone is made with to start with
I put my cell phone in the opposite side of the house shut off completely
It's not that scary.
And that's it! It's less scary than it seems.

I remember the days when I was glued to my phone. And I'm NEVER going back to that lifestyle.

Now that I'm working on so many great projects, learning new skills, and spending my time on the important things in life, I hope what I've learned along the way will help you save your time, and quite literally...your life.

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    Wonderful! This is exactly what kind of stuff I'm looking for in this group. I grew up with a family exceptional at removing distractions, I'm trying to follow the same path. Cheers for you!

    1. 1

      I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! Thanks so much and keep it up

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