How I Overcame My Habit of Procrastination 🕒

Procrastination is a big issue for a large number of people out there.

Putting off your work to some other time is the worst thing you can do to yourself. I know how ugly it can get from personal experience.

I remember the time when I used to plan out the entire day and yet nothing would get accomplished in the end. So I began researching new ways to overcome this issue but turns out that the internet is too big and you can easily lose track.

That's why I want to share with you guys the tested-and-tried methods that have worked for me incredibly!

I know your mind is saying -

Don't worry, I will explain you ideas in the easiest way possible that will get you up and executing on them after reading it. ❤️

Method 1 - Pomodoro Method

Set the timer for 25 minutes and focus on the work at hand ONLY. Once the time’s up, take a short break for 5min. You can continue this cycle as long as it works of you. After 4 rounds of 25 minute work sprints, you can take a longer break as well.

Method 2 - 2-minute rule

This is actually a really good method to try out right away. Seriously, like immediately. When you are jotting down your tasks, just ask yourself if a certain will require 2 minutes or fewer. If yes, do it right away and don't add it to your task list because your mind will keep procrastinating that one little thing until the end of the day!

Method 3 - The Next Hour

There are many people who try planning their whole day but it doesn't work for them. That's why I love this method.

You can start the day by writing a list of what you plan to do in the next hour. In this way, you can keep adding tasks on hourly basis so the list is constantly filled up with things for you to do and you don't have to worry about long, lists full of tasks that intimidate you.


Now that you have these three ideas in front of you, I really want you guys to give it a try. Don't just read, actually TRY!

I am super passionate about productivity so I really hope that you see the positive impact these methods can have on your lives.

Don't spend too much time researching tools and ways to execute. You can get started with some thing as simple as pen and paper.

If you want to use apps to solve this issue, you can also use my free to use productivity tool- Brutask (https://brutask.com/) to assist you.

But remember,
Don't procrastinate, keep executing! 💖

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    You forgot the most important method to this:

    Start as early as possible.

    It's scientifically proven that willpower is at it's highest right after you wake-up. That's why many entrepreneurs wake up so early, so they can get the most important stuff out of the way first.

    If you start working at 10pm, then not even Pomodoro will help your cause.

    1. 1

      Absolutely on point but that's a given rule that you need to start early in the morning. Unless a person does that, nothing can help :(

    2. 1

      In addition, I find taking a deep breath truly activating. Casually tried this a few days, was so active in an instant, and now trying to form this as a habit.

        1. 1

          One breath itself is activating. 2 - 4 is even better. Try it when you wakeup maybe.

  2. 2

    Thnx for sharing. The 2-minute rule is something I already use for answering emails. I can highly recommend it. I even use a specific subfolder for 2 minute e mail tasks.

    1. 2

      Yes agreed haha! 2 Minute rule is a big one and it works really well!

  3. 2

    Thanks for sharing this post @siddhitaupare!
    I loved the ideas, particularly the next hour method
    Will give that a try!

    1. 1

      Haha do let me know how it goes for you and all the best!

  4. 1

    Have you heard of temptation bundling?

    Works pretty well.

    1. 1

      No I haven't but seems interesting! Can you share any articles where I can learn about the same?

      1. 1

        I have read about it first in a book called "Finish what you start" but here is an article from a guy that's legit so probably a good resource :)

        1. 1

          Thanks for the resource! I'll surely check that out!

  5. 1

    Hi Siddhita. Thanks for this piece. I will try them right away. Do note, however, these methods may work for short recurring daily tasks. For long term projects you may wish to consider the 6 horizons of focus developed by James Allen and the Eisenhower Matrix. I also find the 90-90-1 rule by Robin Sharma super useful for maintaining focus. The rule says, for any project you want to tackle, for the next 90 days, devote the first 90 minutes to that project until it's completed. The rule works. Thanks for coming up with Brutask. Will sure try it out. Best.

    1. 1

      Thank you so much @PaulUduk! Yes, I agree with you these methods work best for the short duration. I will surely go ahead and check out the methods you've mentioned above :)

      Thanks for the feedback on Brutask! Hope you love using it!

  6. 1

    I guess lot of us are having the same problems. I have recently asked the IHers similar question and I got some excellent answers and helped me build a system. Hope it helps you too


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