How I pre-sold $1,000+ of my SaaS

Hey folks,

Bringing back into the spotlight a post I've written some time ago: my findings on how to pre-sell your SaaS.

However, I want to note down the short version below.


1. Build the prototype: the most lightweight explanation of your SaaS product

  • Help people get the clearest idea of what it looks like, how will it work, how it'll help them. The simpler, the better.
  • UI/UX mockups, nicely presented

2. Explain to yourself the problem.

  • Articulate the context for the problem, press on the 'open wound'
  • Promise the better way out

3. Build the website. Add the pre-order button

  • Keep it simple — Stripe checkout, maybe even pre-made templates

4. Make a strong offer for these early supporters

  • Offer incentives - discounts, early access, updates, etc
  • REQUIRED: No-hassle refunds
  • I note in the article 'no life-time deals' but I changed my mind since then

5. Create scarcity, for everyone's benefit

  • Limit the # of presales (e.g. topped at 100 purchases)

6. Address objections

7. Promote the pre-sale

  • This is where the heavy lifting occurs
  • Measure the response of this pre-sale and estimate the demand of what you're building (or might be building, if you're waiting until you pre-sell to actually build it)


That's it for now! I suggest skimming the short version, and then going into the article to see the in-depth of that specific part.

Follow me on Twitter as I'm building in public a new tool that helps SaaS founders find&set the perfect pricing for their product!

(The whole reason why I re-posted this article is because I'm tinkering with the idea of pre-selling PriceUnlock)

  1. 1

    Thanks for sharing. In your opinion, what is the best social network to promote the pre-sale?

    1. 2

      Wide answer, but... anywhere your audience hangs 👀

  2. 1

    This is awesome, thanks for the breakdown.

    1. 1

      Thank u as well for reading it Prateek! DMing you on Twitter 👀
      EDIT: Damn I can't DM you

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