How I Validated my product and got my first paying customers in a Beta Test Program

So I recently purchased a small reoccurring online live fitness company. I wanted to roll out a new beta testing program with new features like a scheduled program, semi custom diet plan and an accountability coach. I found an audience two ways:

  1. I reached out to my network
  2. Asked the instructors if they knew anyone

As an incentive for the beta program, I asked for $47 for two weeks. After the two weeks was over, I would refund them. For those that wish to continue another two weeks, we would keep the money as payment.

Programs results were very good, going to get testimonials soon from participants that completed, had two out of 5 stay on which validated and quantified that the product was useful and purchasable.

I’m going to be testing this method out for our SAAS product as well when we release it

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