How I went from nothing to rank 1 on Google in 1 week

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    Hey, I was the guy who suggested you to put your brand name in the page title. Happy to see you now rank no.1.

    I don’t want to kill your enthusiasm, but the title of this post is a bit… exaggerated 😂

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      Haha I might have been overly excited. I’ll make another post when I start ranking for more difficult keywords.

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    You need to find someone with some basic SEO chops because that should not have been a voyage of discovery, I quick shot to a well placed directory in the citation food chain like Manta (minus the yext come-ons) would have sent it up the flag pole quick. The reality is that Google lists you when it gets around to listing you sometimes. Also if you added google analytics and then added your sitemap to google search console immediately after would get you on the radar as well as submitting your home page for express indexing on GSC. I would immediately add yourself to bing as well.

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      Thanks for the tip on Bing and site map, I still haven’t done those yet. SEO is still new to me but hoping to get better!

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    Ranking a unique keyword that matches your domain name to the top positions is good but should not be too difficult, I would image.

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      Yeah it would probably happen naturally for any domain that got enough traffic. But I’m new to SEO and I never got any of my past projects to rank on google so I wanted to share my experience for others who are wondering what it takes to rank for their domain name keyword as well.

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      This comment was deleted 6 months ago.

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    Where is the pricing hiding?
    Why is many Saas's hiding the price?

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      I haven’t integrated stripe so that is why there is no price page yet. We have a goal of 5000 DAU before we start monetizing.

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