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How important is UX for your business?

Hi everyone,

I've been thinking about this for a while. Theres no doubt that good UX is a differentiator in a competitive market.
However, when we focus on niche markets and products, do you still strive for the best possible UX/UI of a product? Or do you just code something that kinda works and see if it takes off?

A simpler way of phrasing the question would be: how important is UX for your current business?

How important is UX for your current business?
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    I think the answer to this will be highly variable depending on the market.

    For us, as a consumer app, UX is critical to success. Non-tech-saavy consumers are so difficult to hold on to that UX makes all the difference. I'd guess for an API product, or a more tech-saavy audience, while still important, it would be less-so.

    That said, I still believe when starting up, you need to address the core pain point. That can be validated with limited UX imo.

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