How long to reach 10 paying customers?

I read on this platform that it’s the hardest, to reach the first 10 paying customers.

So just wondering: how long did it take you to reach your first 10 paying customers?

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    The last project I actually launched, I didn't start building until after I had more than 10 paying customers. It took a few weeks to get the right value proposition articulated to close 10 annual prepayments from teachers, but once I got to ten, the social effect took off.

    I wonder if there's some correlation with a person's willingness to stick with a project and time to first paying customers. Interesting to think about.

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    Zero audience, 5 months, 8 paying customers. Still trying.

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      It's a tough run... I also have 8 customers at the moment... even though I started in 2017, my project had 3 reboots... and current product has been since december 2019... so yeah, 6 months give or take

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    Probably need to separate people that built a business with an existing audience vs a fresh audience.

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      That’s true, with zero audience it will be much harder

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    we did it in... 6... short... weeks: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/celebrating-6-short-and-amazing-weeks-0-to-177-in-mrr-36784986fa

    but, this isn't completely fair because i had done thousands (literally) over the last few years that helped us isolate, configure, and execute against a very discrete type of customer profile.

    so, there was a lot of work that allowed us to move with some speed.

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