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How long to reach 1000 newsletter subscribers?

Hello Indie Hackers!

I launched my personal blog about 2 months ago.

I have now created 10 new articles.

My goal is to start growing a subscriber list for a newsletter.

I basically have no followers in any social medias.

I won't be doing too much marketing and will mostly rely on organic SEO to grow my email list over time.

My blog is at miikavonbell.com and I just created my first landing page with ConvertKit at DeveloperLifestyle.com.

ConvertKit seems like a really great tool and I will definitely upgrade my plan from Free to Creator or Pro when I reach 1000 subscribers for my email list.

How long do you think it will take for me to reach 1000 subscribers?
  1. 0-2 months
  2. 2-6 months
  3. 6-12 months
  4. Over 1 year
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    How long did it take for others to reach that 1000 subscriber milestone for your newsletter subscriber list? :)

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