How many domains do you own vs use?

I used to be awful at buying domains at the drop of a hat. If I had any sort of idea whatsoever I'd run to namecheap and buy a domain straight away! Phew. And then not do any work on it.

I currently own 25 domains and I use or have used 7 of them.

I'm getting a lot better now at letting domains expire if I haven't used them. Definitely put domains you are using on autorenew but don't do that until you've launched something or have traction.

Can anyone top 25?

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    @pete codes just checked out your website. Absolutely amazing what you're doing.
    I especially loved the interview with the Nigerian and Dennis Ivy. I feel even more motivated now.

    I noticed though that your podcasts have no transcripts. Transcript really help with organic ranking especially when you're starting out and definitely improves user experience.

    I noticed that you have a bit of an accent that can be a bit hard to understand, a transcript can really helps with that.

    I could do that for you (or help with other admin tasks you may have) so let me know.

    Amazing what you're creating, seriously. More grease to your elbows! - Rugo.

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    Luckily I'm able to resist the urge! I'm at 11 of which 8 are used.

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