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How many listeners/downloads do I need to land my 1st sponsor?

Jas(raj) @jasraj

Hi everyone,

I've been running my podcast for almost a year. It not has more than 5,000 listens, and (my podcast host 'predicts') ~125 regular listeners.

I wanted to ask:

  • At what point an indie partner* would be interested in sponsorship
  • Any guidance re: paid partnerships (what's the going rate?)

Thank you.

*If I were to consider a sponsor (still undecided), it would almost certainly be a small/indie business which felt aligned, rather than a corporate.

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    I got my first sponsor at around 125 listeners or so. It also all depends on the niche. I run a niche podcast helping newsletter creators. Sponsors will pay big to get in front of their audience.

    Check it out here to get a gist of how it is.


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      Hey Yaro - thank you for sharing, that's encouraging. I figured I might need a few more regular listeners (though I have an email list slightly over 1500, too).

      NewsletterCrew looks awesome - I'd come across it before (via IH), and it looks like it's grown, congrats.

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    Congrats on reaching 125 regular listeners!

    Your podcast seems to cater to a relatively small but committed niche. Maybe you could proactively reach out to some indie products in your niche? If you go for a commission-based affiliate deal, the risk seems to be very low for your potential partners.

    Keep in mind though, this comes from someone with no experience in the podcasting industry. Maybe there are better ways to approach this.

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      Thanks Niklas! So my analytics seems to fluctuate (today Anchor says ~150 regular listeners, and nearly 200 unique listeners in the last (correction) 7 days).

      I actually have a couple of sponsors in mind, so I might just go for it based on the replies from yourself/Yaro; I was also listening to @harrydry's IndieBites episode, and I think he said EmailOctopus sponsored him at ~1000 subscribers (I'm at just over 1500), which is also encouraging.

      Thx again - I appreciate it :)

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        Glad to help, @jasraj!

        Just curious: What kinds of sponsors do you have in mind? Is there anybody selling specifically to INFPs?

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          INF/intuitive stuff out there is pretty niche, and doesn't feel like the right 'fit' for me anyhow. Aside from the 'INF' label, my audience is largely writers & other creatives.

          I'd rather not mention specific brands I'm thinking about on here, but my criteria are:

          • a tool I use in my running of INF Club (blog/podcast/video)
          • I like it (hence I use it!), and I feel my audience would do also
          • I get a good vibe from the company/the team, and how they run

          In short, the 'fit' for me/INF Club and my audience is super-important to me.

          I've got a busy-ish couple of months coming up, so I'll probably simmer on it until then and see how I feel come March/April. (:

          It's cool to know this is an option, though, I figured my audience/numbers would have to be way bigger. From the research I've been doing, you can actually secure a sponsorship with a much smaller audience than I realised.

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            Thanks for taking the time to reply, Jas. This is so interesting!

            First of all, I want to say that I spent the last 30 minutes on your website and on your Medium profile reading your articles. You are an excellent writer, and your perspective on happiness, money and having a fulfilling occupation really resonated with me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and by doing so enriching my life.

            Second, before visiting your website, I didn't think your podcast audience would be writers & creatives. I expected it to be a much more diverse group where it would be hard to find a good sponsor.

            Furthermore, you made me realize how much creatives care about finding the right sponsor. I thought podcast hosts just promoted the businesses which paid best, but what you are saying makes sense. After all, your podcast and your writing is your baby. You want a matching sponsor.

            I learned so much from you today and I'm really, really thankful for it.

            Just one idea at the end: How would you feel about promoting a writing course? Either one which you make yourself or a course from somebody else.

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              Ah, thanks man :)

              Actually, one of the courses I'm thinking about is a 'start a blog' course for my INF/intuitive audience. It might be standalone, or become some kind of course series. I just try to take things one step at a time, so we'll see.

              This would be my 1st official 'course'. I'm soon about to launch a paid Mastermind Group programme I trialled last year (for free), but that's more of an 'apply and match' thing, rather than a written/video course. (masterminds are awesome!)

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                Thanks a lot for that link, Jas! It was a very interesting read and made me wonder if I should join a mastermind group, too.

                Your plans sound really cool. I hope it works, man. :)

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                  Thx! I might publish a post on here about Masterminds (will drop the IH team a note).

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                    Go for it, man! 👍

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