How many of you are using video in email?

As we all know video is becoming a major communication method in all platforms and now it has become popular to send videos in email as well.

So wonder how many of you are using video in email and how are your results so far ?

Here is one tool for Video email if you are looking out https://www.vadoo.tv/features/video-email

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    I did tried Email newsletter with video but I had better opens and clicks without Video so moved backed to Text based newsletter only.

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      Can you think of a reason why you observed this behavior as it is generally perceived that gif are more interactive and increase the clickthrough

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        I noticed that Video Plays was quite low compared to Email Open rate. Only around 92 people played the video in 1000 Opened emails.

        There can be other reasons too but I think that can't be decided unless people Play the video atleast.

        1. The video maybe not that good.
        2. Video maybe not engaging.
        3. Maybe people who open mails like to read emails instead of watching a video.
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          I am not sure of the tool you used but in general video tools play a gif(which on click takes to landing page) instead of a video as many email clients block video in email. So I guess you need to make sure this is not the case

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    We use video in our weekly email newsletter

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      Awesome, how has been your results so far ?

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