How many of you are working in / building an Asynchronous Team? If so, do you mind helping me out?

Hey there everybody!

I started building my startup with my cofounders at the onset of the pandemic. Needless to say, we started working remotely and we still continue to do so.

We saw that with the whole world going remote, there is a strong need for tools that help teams collaborate and manage tasks better. This is why we began building our product, Bottle.

When we started learning about remote work style is when we stumbled upon 'Asynchronous Communication'.

This is basically where teams message/communicate without expecting an immediate response. This could be using emails, word docs, project management tools, and more.

At Bottle, we strongly believe that while Remote Work may be the future, Asynchronous Working will be the new style within remote working that everyone will shift to.

I want to know how many of you all already working in or building an asynchronous team. If you are, can you tell me what are the biggest challenges you face?
This will help me build a better product at Bottle!

I'd also absolutely love it if we can get on a call to discuss your workstyle and workflow!
You can help me out by booking a slot here: https://calendly.com/jassiljamaludhin/asynchronous-work

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    Hello Jassil,

    I have worked on distributed companies before, am now working part-time for a company that is pandemic-remote and not usually remote, and am also building my own project (Polygloss) that has a very small team that already spans very large in timezone (calgary - singapore).

    What I have noticed so far that is the main problem for asynchronous communication is usually a personality thing and lack of habit for solving issues in written collaboration. Some of my members are very comfortable putting things into writing, sharing writing publicly, others always want to schedule private meetings for everything. The first hurdle is introducing the value of async and getting people used to it.

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      Hmmm, this is an interesting pain point.
      Documentation is a big hurdle in asynch communication and it's important to make it as easy as possible for everyone.

      Thanks for your thought, Etiene!
      Do you think we can maybe hop on for a call sometime or the other?

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    Hi Jassil,

    We at Uclusion have been working on the problem for 2 years already. I'm happy to show you what we have achieved. Let me know and I will book on your Calendly or you can book a walk through from our landing page.

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      Hey David,
      Thanks a lot for your comment.
      I just checked your website out and I'm really curious to know more bout the product!

      If you could book a slot on calendaly at your convenience, that'll be awesome!

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