Remote Workers July 18, 2020

How many remote job websites are there?


is it a saturated area?

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    When I looked for em, seen like 6 "dedicated" to it.
    Honestly they mostly suck but I think there is a big problem with the data or how they module it, for example there are plenty of "remote but local" jobs in IT, meaning the location is limited to either a timezone, a country or a US state, didn't see any site put that as filters and such, many ads say "remote" and give no information regarding what they mean. (others could mention a Visa restriction) or even some with fully remote with plenty of travel included which gets confusing... (it's possible that what I expect remote to mean and what others do don't line up, but that's basically my entire thing here ūüėÖ) maybe it's a good time due to covid and such, but as before that, it's been pretty small niche... few true ads... (also some truly worthwhile companies are "known" and don't put ads anywhere but their own site/email list..)