How many times per week/month should you send out your newsletter?

Hey guys,
I am building a project related to newsletters and I was wondering how many times per week/month is most common for newsletters to send out their new newsletter iteration?
Doesn't matter the newsletter topic or anything like that. Just an average approximation of the times, most newsletters send out their new newsletter per week/month. Thanks in advance guys and keep being cool af.

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    For most long form high quality newsletters once a week is the common pattern. Adam Grant has a monthly newsletter and I find it too rare to even remember I am subscribed.

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      Agree, monthly is wayyy too big of an interval for the iterations, anyway, thanks for your answer :)

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    I send mine (https://sparkedition.com) every 2 weeks on a Sunday. It's a curated list, so not news related that epope need to stay up to date on.

    Orginally I did eventually want to move to every week, but with other projects on the go this is unlikely.

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      happy it works for you, thanks for your answer :)

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      I like the landing page, thanks for your answer :)

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    For my philosophy newsletter, I send out one weekly newsletter to free subscribers, and one weekly newsletter to paid subscribers (who also get the free newsletter).

    When working this out, the two issues I was bearing in mind were: a) reader exhaustion and b) creator exhaustion (!!!).

    I think one thing that has helped in my case if having a really clear focus in terms of content. So the free newsletters are bite-sized profiles of interesting philosophers, and the paid newsletters make up an ongoing topic-based philosophy-by-email course, each topic lasting the first 7 weeks of every two months.

    This focus means that it is easy to plan ahead and know what I need to write when. I currently have both free and paid newsletter ideas scheduled well into 2022. And this cuts down the risk of creator exhaustion, as I don't have to think "Yikes! I need to write something for next Thursday but what???" This approach also means I can build in time off by writing content well in advance.

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      I like your concept bro, in theory, missing an iteration should be very low, thank you for your answer :)

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    I do once a week and that looks like a good spot for the subject I post about.

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      Same here bro, thanks for your answer :)

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    My thoughts:

    1. Everybody is sending newsletters right now.
    2. I feel people quite annoyed receiving 938309248 newsletters every two days.
    3. We need to bring more value than the others.

    My conclusion: I'm thinking more and more sending my newsletter when I've something interesting to say. It might be risky though. Let's see.

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      Yes, sending too many iterations without much value would be a deal breaker, anyway, thanks for the answer Matth :)

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    I guess it sort of depends on your audience and the type of content you write.

    My javascript, tech and web development newsletter is once per week. I think this fits the expectations of the readers that want to read about what’s going on in the scene, and there’s a lot going on most weeks.

    However you might find that your ‘beat’ doesn’t have that much new content, so once per month might be better.

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      thanks for your answer and the advice, Mark :)

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    I do twice a week. Some other newsletters that I subscribe to do 3 days a week, 5 days a week, or 4 days a week.

    Some of the paid newsletters I do not pay for offer up 1 free email a week and the other 3/4 that are sent out that week are behind a paywall.

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      So it's not uncommon to see a 5/6 or maybe full week newsletter.. interesting, anyway, thanks a lot for your answer :)

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    what I see most commonly is people posting once a week, based on the newsletters I follow

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      My observation is the same, Vin, it just makes the most sense to send 1 or max 2 a week, thank you for your answer :)

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    My newsletter is weekly.

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      Yes, I think weekly is the most common pattern and the one that makes the most sense to me. Thank you for your answer, Paolo :)

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        You're welcome. Weekly is the best tradeoff between my production schedule and the amount of content I can create sustainably.

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