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How MarketFly made $10k+ ARR pre-product as an MVP

March 2020 covid hit and everything had to be shut down. From businesses to schools the world saw a dramatic change. My co-founder and I saw local businesses struggling to pivot online and grow.

We decided to create MarketFly (then a social media management agency). Over the course of a couple months we had 12 businesses under us in various industries from pharmacies to real estate agents.

At first we only created content for their social channels and charged a bit per post per customer. Although over the course of a couple months we saw they were having difficulties or paying more agencies to manage support and inbound sales.

We knew at this point there was something bigger to be solved. So we took time and talked to every business we handled and as many as we could find online. We learned that the same businesses spending thousands for content mono their social channels were spending the same if not more to manage their support and sales channels.

So we started also managing everything. It was a lot of work and we charged roughly $100 per month, and had an approximate $12K in ARR. The businesses loved everything about it except one thing -

"I wish I could do it on my own" " I want to create my own content" "I want to see the numbers" "I want to talk to my audience"

So, we researched the market. What was going on? Other tools? How important was digital and social commerce and how fast was it growing. The numbers shocked us.

Social commerce growing at a 30% CAGR. Content marketing growing at a 16% CAGR.

Now fast forward to June 2021, we started MarketFly, the SaaS version.

A social and content driven customer relationship platform. Building to help millions of businessnesses and individuals leverage social channels, increase sales, and provide support at a personal level. All for a more affordable price with a tool that makes you more efficient.


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    Follow me on twitter! Check out marketfly.io to sign up and learn more! We are also looking for a technical co-founder HMU!

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