How MrBeast made 10 billion views and became a Multi-millionaires thanks to his Team 🔥🚀

Mega YouTubers often have a team helping them that consists of managers, agents, video editors, and even lawyers to help them navigate the industry. Having a team can help not burning out and allows Creators to free up their time working on creative endeavors.

Indeed, as creators grow, their workflow becomes more complex and taxing. The solution: build a team. That's exactly what MrBeast, the 22yo Youtuber with over 60 million subscribers did.

He understood early that he needed a team to help him. When MrBeast created his channel, he asked his friend Chris Tyson (aka Chris the meme god) to shoot some of his videos. They knew each other for a long time as they were both from Greenville, N.C.

The two went together from 0 to 750K followers, Chris helping to shoot footage and editing.

As the MrBeast YouTube business grew, he recruited some of his other friends to help out, like Chandler Hallow, who began working for Jimmy (aka MrBeast) the summer he returned from college.

The MrBeast team is now made up of 30 people helping him with his 5 Youtube channels and different projects (He recently launched Mr.Beast burger). He currently employs the best video editors and writers to work with big-name brands on six-figure deals. He's also working with Reed Duchscher, his current manager, and the two worked on more significant projects such as MrBeast burger. Reed explains how they created this in a video.

As MrBeast explained, having this whole team helped to focus on the part of his business where is the most valuable at.

Being a YouTuber is a bunch of different jobs in one: part of your job is writing, then being on camera, shooting the video, editing the video, promoting, uploading, sharing, and working on the content strategy. YouTubers have to be like an octopus where they have one arm doing one thing, another arm doing one thing, and some are more precious than others. But where to find a Team when you just found your creator market fit?

There are today very few valuable resources to help Creators hire and manage a team. But the right team is crucial in the success of a YouTuber. Signing with the right Talent Manager can help take a creator's business to the next level. Finding the right Video editor can completely change the trajectory of the channel.

With @antoniocgjr, I've created Hunq, a platform that helps creator find their team. We're still very early, but we're convinced that it can support hundreds of creators focus on the part of their business that matters most. If you're a creator, please reach out, we would love to understand your needs better and create new features with you.

If you want more valuable resources to help you find your team, I highly recommend reading this article from Benjamin Laufer that contains a bunch of useful links.

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    This could be really helpful for small creators trying to scale and I would also see it as a way for creators to collaborate and create a team together.

  2. 1

    getting help is precisely what i've done at times with my own channel. yes. +1.

  3. 1

    I strongly believe in teams. 🌞
    That looks like a good idea of deep dive!
    Good luck!

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    The biggest problem I see are creators that try to do everything themselves.

    That works in the beginning but If you’re to grow you need a team.

    In short you need to scale your team as your business scales.

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