October 9, 2019

How much did you pay for your logo design?

As a logo designer, I would like to see how much did pay for your logo.

EDIT: Please do not suggest me where to get a logo, I'm a logo designer. Please read posts carefully!

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    I paid $50 in the past for a logo but ended up using a design I created myself. The second time around I just made it myself again.

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      Can I see it? Thanks!

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        Which one? The one by the designer or by me?

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          The one you made.

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    My SaaS builds brand guidelines for you. It's freemium, so friendly for all your indie project designs. I'm in beta and would love feedback from folks on this thread https://www.1brand.co

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      Hi @tela, this is so cool!! Small note: there looks to be a closing br tag visible at the bottom of the .co/solutions/brands page.

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        Thanks for the feedback, @Annie! Yep, it's fixed in staging. We're moving fast and trying not to break things along the way =)

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      Hi @tela, that seems super! Btw, did you use an app for "You're on the list! Share this link to get even earlier access." or code it yourself? If an app, can you let me know which?

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        It was a custom solution, and I didn't do it. I've seen off-the-shelf solutions years ago, but maybe not ones that work across social networks.

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      Hey Tela, I just signed up at the 1brand website. Will keep an eye out for your email campaign!

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    $0, because I do them myself.

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      Can I see it? Thanks!

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    If you are looking for something not so complicated I would try to do in Figma ( free ) or Sketch before paying for a logo.

    I did mines for colors&fonts and bulma-expression, and so many developers have done theirs.

    My logos are not the cream of the crop but they work.

    I can help if you need to also.

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      I've been hearing great things about Figma

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        Figma is incredible, a part of having a free tier you can do a lot, with it.

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    I do it for free for friends, just to build up my portfolio.

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      Can you link to your portfolio here?

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        it's a work in progress, but below you can see most of the work I have done so far

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    I guess this is not the answer you'd like to hear, but I used Looka to create mine: https://twitter.com/xatkit/header_photo in less than half an hour.

    Yes, it's very simple but for a first iteration is all I needed.

    Looka is "AI-powered" but I'd say this is just more marketing than a reality. You choose some icons and colors and then Looka starts to try combinations until you find one you like.

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    £500 for SongBox logo.

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      That's a winner right there. Worth every penny if you ask me. And purple is regal.

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        Thanks - yes the designer i use is phenomenal. He also did the logo for Scottish Tech and GetFed. Both can be seen here: https://builtwithawesome.com

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    I pay my designer $200 for six initial logos, and then 2 tweaked ones that I liked but want changes from those initial 6.

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      Can you share the design here?

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        https://ibb.co/G2JGVY2 is an example of the six initial. I do this for many clients so this is just an example.

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    I'm a designer so I designed it myself :) can't help you

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    $300 on 99designs - quite happy with the result, but you need to have a fairly specific idea of what you want before you start your competition.

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      Can you show us the design? Thanks.

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          Maybe you can make that play button (?) a bit larger, because it's not that recognizable when the logo showcased in small size.

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            Hmm never heard that feedback - it's actually just a P inside of a credit card, sort of another permutation of PCIFY. We sometimes display the P card by itself in some instances, but usually together with the whole name.

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    I took an icon out of Material Design and claimed it as a logo for https://onlineornot.com

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      Why would you use something that isn't unique to represent your brand?

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        because logos don't matter to my users. a product that allows them to be better at their job does

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          Why do Nike shoes have a logo? Does logo matter to runners or footballers?

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            I'm just a humble web monitoring tool maker, I have no ambitions to be anywhere near the size of Nike.

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    I made ours because I've been obsessed with logo design for about ten years+

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    I paid Logotect ~$400 for the eventOne logo design. And it was a little more than just a logo.

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    $350 via a known to me freelance designer.

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      Can I see it? Thanks.

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    First one about $40 on fiverr, after enough revenue came it I updated it for $900 on 99Designs.

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      Can I see your logo? I usually charge between $1000 and $500. Would really like to see how good is your design. Thanks.

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        You can see it here: https://noteplan.co top left corner. Not sure if I can post images here. If you scroll down a bit you also see it in bigger. It might have been also $1000 with the fees from 99Designs, Im not sure anymore, but this is about the ballpark for an expensive logo on this site.

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          It's pretty solid logo, but it could be even better, because your current version can't work in one color.

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            because your current version can't work in one color.

            How do you mean that?

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              Imagine you paint your logo all black. Would you still be able to recognize it? Will the logo look totally different? Yes, it will. If you do the same thing with logo like Nike, Apple, Uber, Instagram, etc. the logo will stay the same.

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                Ok got it!

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    Two months ago I put an order at one of the freelance web-sites. A budget for the logo was set to $40. That's what I paid in the end of the day so far :)

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    I usually do them on my own. But sometimes I just use free icons as I did for https://colorion.co

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      Using logo that can't be shown in only one color might be a bad idea. It can cause you brand inconsistency and so on. Also, you should avoid using any kind of effects on a logo.

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    I've paid a freelancer $40 for the logo of SocialTracker. For that price he delivered a vectorized logo including the source .ai file.

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      I already gave you some tips on how to improve your logo. For $40 you can't get a good end result. There are many mistakes in it that experienced designer would never do.

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        The tips you gave were valid points indeed. Thanks for that!

        And I fully agree with you, you can't expect a killer logo for $40. And that's the whole point. I can't spend $500 on a logo for every project I start as an Indie Hacker. (Otherwise I'd be in some nasty debts)

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      Your logo is sadly not prominently displayed on the main page anywhere but the corner as a teeny tiny icon.

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        Why do you believe that would be helpful? I can't really think of any other SaaS companies that put a large version of their logo on their page.

        Anyways, always happy to hear feedback as my landing page is still very much a work in progress!

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          Really? You have never visited Amazon or Google or Facebook or Twitter or ... ? lol Go to twitter right now, what is the very first thing you see?

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            This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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    $20. Try fiverr.