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How much money do you invest in design for your startup?

Since I've started working on my design subscription for indiehackers, I wanted to get an insight on how much money have you guys spent to design your marketing website.

This is mainly for the ones who have hired external help from agencies or freelancers to have your website/brand designed and developed. Also, if you had a yearly turnover of 100K USD, how much would you spend on design? Reply in the comments :)

Money I have invested/am investing/will invest in design? (USD)
  1. Less than 2K
  2. 2K-5K
  3. 5K-10K
  4. 10K-20K
  5. 20K-30K
  6. More than 30K
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    Starting out, it's hard to justify a big spend. Especially if you're bootstrapped.

    I spent around $500, and told myself when I hit $3k MRR I'll invest 2-3k in an updated logo and branding.

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