How much MVP is enough? 🚀

So I have hacked together this image background remover tool ( https://www.removeit.io ). The functionality is 80% done but I'm not sure if I should give product hunt a shot already. I feel like only products with a perfect landing page and UI get upvoted. So what's your take on this? Launch as sool as possible or make the product shiny before you put it out in the wild?

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    Is it the same as this https://www.remove.bg/ or are you offering something different ?

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    Your UX still needs some work...

    • I don't get what all the images at the bottom are, non clickable... I download one and get the next? don't get what's going on with these images on the page alread..
    • The uploading of images needs a progress bar of some sort, even just a simple %...

    So I guess the entire USP here is that the background remover is not just a single colour but more like the common magic tool to detect similar colours... should the text say something about it? the 1st image was kinda giving that feel which is good...

    I uploaded a sample image and it's kinda random, I should probably have control to at least retry with some number of sensitivity to the colour...

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      Thank you so much for your detailed feedback. You have some good points. The images at the bottom are actually clickable. The click has a delay of 4 seconds or something, which is kind of annoying as you have experienced it. I will dig into it.

      The progress bar is something I've never thought of, as I'm blessed with a good upload speed. Thank you very much for your input😁

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        I'm blessed with a good upload speed

        Where you at? I'm moving in !
        Use a slow down service to test you stuff than ... most people don't ...

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          Or go into your network tab in Chrome's developer tools (inspect element) and choose a low bandwidth to throttle your connection.

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            nice one, didn't notice it (didn't look for any for a long while)

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    Product Hunt is not the only place to launch a startup. Your MVP is ready when it's delivering value to people, not if the landing page is well designed.

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    Hey avaj,
    Congrats on getting this far. Don't despair! Your product is ready for launch as soon as it's offering value to your users. I can help find out if you're there if you'd like.

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    The website URL is no longer working.

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    Hi Avaj, Your product looks good. Just do small tweak in UX as others suggested. Easier said than done. So please take your time.
    Good luck


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    For MVP your product should have a place to upload an image and get desired output. No Need to have documents, fancy features, and etc.
    But for next steps, there are many things to do, as others mentioned in comments.

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      Your are right. It probaly depends on your goal. Do you just want to get a proof of concept, that your technology works or do you want to get real users? I by myself would't feel confident to use a blank site with only one input and one output field.

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    Honestly, I think gently sharing your product as your are doing here is a great way to get started. As your MVP matures, start to share it to larger audiences, while you improve it with each round of feedback.

    Side question: have you thought about your business model for this? If your plan is to just support the server costs with ads then that's fine, but if you plan on expanding beyond that, you may want to consider adding info about what you will continue to build and collect emails if people want to find out more. That will help you build up your email list of interested people and also get some feedback on how effective your landing page is.

    Best of luck!

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      Thank you. I think "build it live" is the hot shit right now, isn't it?:)

      Yeah, I've thought of some monetization strategies. You could easily sell a pro version for uploading in bulk or for using images larger then a certain number of Mbs. Collecting emails would probably be worth giving a try.

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    I instinctively tried to drag the image on the left onto the upload field to see how it works, but was sad when it didn't work.

    Other than that, title still says React App and the UI looks pretty bad, mostly the borders and corners. Also the 5 demo images are stretched.

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      Yes, I've tried to fix some things, but have to do alot more on the UI/UX side

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