Growth May 24, 2020

How my Reddit post drove 5,000 people to my site in 18 hours before being deleted

Clayton @clxytn

Link to deleted post:

After getting 1.1K upvotes and before being removed, a post I made on Reddit brought over 5,000 people to my website @popvend within 18 hours. It brought in 150 signups (Traffic wasn't fully our target audience) and lots of great feedback that I plan to implement.

One thing that you have to do when posting on Reddit is provide value. As most know, going in and pasting your link will have your post removed 9 times out of 10. Even after making this post and providing (what I thought) was some helpful advice, it still got removed!

So why do I think my Reddit post drive that much traffic? Well for one, it was in a fairly large subreddit r/learnprogramming. I also posted content that I knew would relate to the majority of people in the sub, since I was one of them, this came a lot easier. It was also a more motivating style post, by showing what I had achieved since a year ago when I was in the same position as most of them were now, it not only brought value, but also some inspiration to keep learning.

Another thing that I did was took the time to answer all of the questions and comments people left. This showed that I actually cared to help out, and wasn't just there to spam my site.

While these are simple tips, I believe that all of this combined with a thoughtful, relatable, and valuable write up greatly increases your odds of having a successful post. Not only on Reddit, but other places as well.

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    So... I saw you on reddit and started following on twitter, and now, here we are on IH :D Anyway nice work! I was going to try popvend, but I dropped at the signup step. I was pretty curious of what the the actual store would look like though.

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      Haha hey! Thank you! Any reason you dropped at the signup step? Going to be adding some user's stores to the homepage so people can check it out before.

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        I wasn't committed enough I was just casually browsing. I don't know how involved your login flow is but I didn't want to do the whole verification dance.

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          Ahh I see. Yeah I have tried to keep it minimal as possible so once you choose a URL and enter your email/password you are taken to your profile where you can fill as much or as little in as you want.

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    Just saw the post on Reddit and the comments. They truly smell any kind of marketing/sales related post 10 miles against the wind. Doesn´t even matter if you provide value, sooner or later you´ll get roasted.
    Anyway, great numbers and you got traffic and some feedback so somehow it works. Just take care that they don´t ban you from the subreddit. I had a similar experience and got my 2nd and last warning. Didn´t even posted anything about my venture, just didn´t fit 100% into the moderators idea

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      Thanks! Yeah just glad to get some initial boost. Damn, thank you for the warning, I will remember that.