How My Startup Got Acquired After 6 Months

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    Wow ! this an amazing story, and I'm pretty sure there is more to it than just the 6 months you've written about.

    Well done ! 👍

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      Haha, cheers Anas! And, yup - there was a bunch of time before those 6 months spent trying and failing on other projects 😊

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    @jhowarth15 Amazing story and very inspirational. May I ask what's the stack used to build the latest version of TrendingTopics? I ask because I have a project (The Problemeter) that I'd like to build out into an app but as a non-coder I'm struggling. Thanks again for the great share.

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      Cheers Marc! Yeah I coded Exploding Topics with NextJS, NodeJS and MongoDB.

      But if you're a no-coder looking to get Problemeter going you should look into @bentossell's MakerPad :)

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    That's quick. I felt it was just yesterday when I first saw it. Congrats!!!

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      Thanks!! Yeah it was very fast! I got lucky :p

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    I saw the article on HN also a couple of months back. Nice read and congrats. However, I do feel you sold too early. JMHO tho!


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      Ahah perhaps! But I think both Brian and I got a great deal and I still get to work on the project too :)

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    I got an error loading that page! Is there a live version?

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      Hmmm that’s strange. There’s a copy on my site howjosh.com you can read instead

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    Congrats Josh I enjoyed the read!

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      Glad you liked it Kenny 🙌

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    Congrats! Awesome read.

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    Great story! And congrats on Exploding Topics growth :)

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    Old story I know, just posting so I can add to my profile page (which is a nice new IH feature BTW!) :P

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