How not to do UX, by Digital Ocean

I just had the most awful experience trying to give Digital Ocean money.

And I've given up. They're now not getting my £££.

This is why

  1. I tried to create an account but I was told my email address already existed in the system:

  1. So, I go and try to login - but I'm told my email IS NOT in the system:

I went round this loop few times, scratching my head. Then I decided to click on "forgot password" to see what happens. It worked, I got an email and the email told me that I signed up using Google and to try that again. Annoying!!

Don't tell me my email is linked to an account when I try to register, and then tell me it's not linked to an account when I try to log in.
Don't do that, Digital Ocean!

  1. So I finally get in and then I'm trying to create a server. However the UI is mental. It's running off the bottom of the screen into the footer. It's horrible:

  1. I persevere but on the next screen it all gets too much and I'm out. Look at this nightmare:

I've talked in the past about the "good will tank" and Digital Ocean just depleted mine completely in a matter of minutes.

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    Been using DO for a while and the UX has been always on point. What I'm trying to say is that just because you have had a terrible experience doesn't mean that the product has gotten bad. Report these to them would be a good move.

    1. 2

      I might hold a minority opinion here.

      I think DO's UX is way better than GCP's.

      Yay or nay ?

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    It looks like someone updated the site too quickly or forgot to test that particular page. DO's UI is pretty good, I've never seen something so bad on their website. In fact it's mostly excellent. Their straight to the point tutorials have saved me a lot of time so many times. The thing that annoys me on their website is that I have to check my email inbox to get a secret code every time I try to log in. Even my bank does not have such an annoying requirement.

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    I used DO for a brief time period and then moved onto EC2. I've never looked back.

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    I have never had an issue like you had in #4, but the weird login/signup bug is hella annoying!

  5. 1

    Weird that DO would make such a rookie mistake.

    For the design, have you tried using another browser (could be that a plugin/add-on conflict with your current browser)?

  6. 1

    That's the worst 😓

    Sites that have design like #3 and #4 bug me sooo much.

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