How Randall Kanna 12x'd her Twitter following to 35k

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    Does this all apply equally for a brand Twitter vs personal Twitter? I'm trying to build my brand Twitter account, and have seen less guidance on how to do that. I've not had any luck with it. Do people really want my brand's take on daily events and responses to their tweets?

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      Good question! Disclaimer: I've not actually built it myself, but I can try reasoning from what I've observed.

      I think it really depends on what daily events you are commenting on. Is your view something that your audience will benefit from? Will it affect their decision in any way? Is your take congruent with why they followed you in the first place?

      At the end of the day, I think it's something that you can experiment with. I think the best part of using Twitter to build an audience is that each Tweet is so short, you can run multiple experiments in the span of a few months.

      Please let me know your thoughts!

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    Concise and highly informative! Thanks for posting this!

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    Like most of us on this platform, I was extremely impressed by @randallkanna's ability to grow her Twitter following. I spent about 5 hours doing a deep dive into all the tweets she has put out in 2020, and curated key tweets that showed how she continually added value to her audience and gained followers.


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