Productivity August 19, 2020

How sharing my daily goals on Twitter has helped boost my productivity and focus

Matt Johnson @mattcrail

I started experimenting with sharing my daily list of things I wanted to get done on Twitter to understand the mechanics of a potential feature for Taskable.

It's actually turned out to be a hugely valuable tool for accountability and staying focused, so wanted to share my experience with IH.

What I've learned:

  1. I'm much more realistic about what I think I can get done in a given day. While I do want to 'impress' with a large list, I'm more concerned about someone seeing my list the next day with many of the same items.

  2. I stay more focused on the items I planned in the morning, and get less distracted by shiny new objects. Often I would gravitate to the newest thing, but wanting to get through what I planned helps me stay focused. Often the newest thing isn't really that important anyway.

  3. I have a huge burst of productivity in the afternoon to try and check off the last few items. Sometimes I worry that I rush through things just to get them done, so I've had to be careful about that.

  4. I am more deliberate in removing items from my backlog that are no longer important. I used to drop less important things in my Today list and just keep punting them back. Now I am more deliberate in removing them and stopping them from cluttering up my backlog.

  5. I am generally pretty happy to share most of my items for the day. It's rare I don't want something to be shared. However, certain things I do try to hide (personal info obvs, certain other sensitive things) so I just wait to add those to my Today list until after I post.

Has anyone else tried this? Would you try it?

  1. 2

    Cool idea, might try this as well 🙂

    1. 1

      Awesome - let me know how it goes!

  2. 1

    Accountability does the trick!

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