How the mind of a copywriter works

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    That's awesome! Even the generic title was better than my writing though

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      Funny thing is you're completely right. Most people try and be clever and end up writing some weird poetry shit that is confusing.

      Simply by being crystal clear you're already in the top 50%

      So just keep working on Step 1. Write down the value. Make it crystal clear. And you'll have a solid title.

      Don't try and be clever. Don't worry about steps 2—4. Being clear is good enough!

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    Just retweeted. Very valuable post.

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      sweet — glad you found it useful Adem :)

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    Love this content Harry! So good mate :) - more videos like this in the future 🙌

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    Super helpful, thanks. The tip on the objection as a hook is great!

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    So, it's very likely I got waaay too carried away, but anyway:

    1. Warning: Use of Cinematic Studio can make you deliver amazing video content in almost no time at all. Its features can be highly addictive. Caution is advised.
    2. When video editing with Cinematic Studio, you don't need to compromise speed for simplicity. Deliver content twice as good in half the time.

    How would you rate them on a scale from 1 to 10? Thanks!

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      Sorry to be negative but can only be honest. I think you're trying a lil too hard.

      1/ can work if your whole “brand” is jaunty / funny / in your face...
      2/ Has likes. But “compromising speed for simplicity” just doesn't make sense to me?

      I notice your current site focuses on editing videos faster. Perhaps make this your wedge and really go to town on it!

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        Thanks! As I said initially, I got too carried away :D

        I notice your current site focuses on editing videos faster. Perhaps make this your wedge and really go to town on it!

        If you think my current copy is already ok, then clearly there's no point in changing it. Yes, that is my focus - helping you edit videos really really fast.

        When you say "really go to town on it" -> do you mean "make this my top priority at all times"?

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    tried out a new style — i kept thinking Ahrefs landing page title was great and tried to break it down step by step :)

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