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How to accept payments without disclosing your legal name?

Tikirey @tikirey

Hey everybody, any ideas on how to accept payments anonymously?

Let me explain why I want to do so. The recent Tim Ferris post ( had an impact on how I do stuff and I decided to go anonymous like AJ from Carrd, for example.

I'm trying to find any information on how to open a company without disclosing the owners. It seems that most countries has laws to have a list of owners publicly.
Also, I believe Stripe and other providers should show who your customers are paying to and it's easy to link such information with your name after which I'm trying to avoid.

Any thoughts?

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    I get this - I try to remain as anonymous as possible online. I don't even have any social media - haven't had since 2009.

    You're right that most countries make the owners of companies publicly searchable. You could however start a company called something completely unrelated: "Grey Mongoose Ltd" and call your actual products something different, so that there would be no connection.

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    They act as resellers so in fact the customer pays them and they pay you at the end of the month.
    They own the stripe account or other payment providers.
    You will have to expose your name to them, but that will not be public.

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      Valuable advice, Dan - I will check it out because it seems like a good option! I believe I saw it on sheet2site but didn't investigate more.

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    cryptocurrency is the closest thing you'll get, honestly... outside of good ol' fiat.

    if money is being transferred, anti-money laundering laws start applying which requires identification — that's why financial institutions (e.g. banks) require identity-checks as well as fraud.


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      Thanks, John! That's one of the options but what I observed myself - people uses it as savings and for fun most of the time but not for payments in day to day lives so using crypto is like creating an artificial hurdle for users.

      And we all know how hurdles affect sales...

      I will try to integrate it as an option but not as a main solution instead.

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        cool! keep going!

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