👉How to accept payments worldwide and how much it costs - based on real Pixiko's data 🤑

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    Nice! I think you should add Stripe to the comparison as that's probably more popular now in SaaS startups than PayPal and 2Checkout. I realize you used those 2 since that's what you used, but it might be interesting to see how the numbers shake out when comparing it to Stripe for the people here. Good read!

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      Oh, we've tried and what's more, we tried it first. But for companies based in Russia Stripe prohibits creating accounts 😭

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    Have you considered Paddle at all?

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      Yes, we've heard of it, but we haven't used it yet 🤷‍♂️

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    Where's the "How to" part?

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      Em 🧐 If I correctly understand you upper in the article where I were describing how to select payment services.

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    Thank you very much, very useful and clear, I hope not to miss the article about configuring and integrating 2checkout.

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    Nice work.
    I would also like to see an analysis of the dynamics of changes in the product and its support, which ultimately affect the number of payments, since this is key factor, and not the price itself.

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      As I see there's no time-to-time correlation between product upgrades and purchasing. I believe there's cumulative effect when you make some changes again and again and see some cumulative effect after a while.

      And the best way - more and more marketing to the new features and analyze which of this is growth and which doesn't.

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