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How to Add Parity Pricing to Your App

What is Parity Pricing?

Parity pricing converts the original price to match the currency ratio in the buyer's country.

It makes it possible for people outside the US to buy your product at an affordable price.

Why is Parity Pricing important?

When we build our products, we tend to forget that people around the world will also be interested in purchasing but may not be able to afford it at the US price.

Parity pricing makes your product accessible to them and benefits both of you. They get access to your product; you get a wider customer reach. It's a win-win!

How to Add Parity Pricing to your app using gumroad?

  1. Go to https://paritybar.com/

  2. Add your website URL to "Website URL".

  3. Go to your product page on your gumroad.

  4. Click on the "Checkout" tab.

  5. Parity Bar gives recommendations of what percentage to discount off of the product depending on the user's geographical location. On the gumroad checkout page, make sure to switch "Amount Off" to percentage and add recommended percentage off your product.

  6. Add a discount code to "Name". Make sure to save.

  7. Go to https://paritybar.com/ and add all the discount codes and percentages so that it displays to the users. Make sure to save.

And that's it! Now people from different countries are more likely to afford your product. That means you'll get more customers :)

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    Thank you for sharing. After watching their demo, I understand ParityBar can be used to advertise promo codes on any website with a payment integration that supports promo codes. Their suggested discount percentages do look really helpful!

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