How to approach College students?

Hey guys,
My product is Noomi, which offers university specific communities to undergrad students. Have started in India, live in 25 colleges, and now want to scale rapidly. How do I generate awareness about my product in college students?

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    I would suggest talking to one or two college students through a video call or a phone call. Ask them to add them to their college whatsapp group. Start personally messaging them and asking them about their problems and then aware them about your product. You will be able to get feedback and promote.

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    The first thing which comes to my mind when talking about generating awareness is promoting your product through social media. You can also give your services for free to some students and I think this will help to get you known. By the way, recently when I was writing the essays for admitting, I found a service https://www.essayedge.com/ that helped me a lot with editing my essay as I was making many mistakes which for sure would not have made a good impression.

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