How To Ask Your Community For Help: Clubhouse Recap

After hosting two fun and informative chats on Clubhouse with our Mixily Squad, we decided to bring the group together for another conversation. We asked the group on our early user Slack channel what they would like to talk about, and a topic that bubbled to the top was about how to ask your community for help. Each of these individuals run community groups and are constantly giving their all, but when asking for help in return it’s often scary. We shared tips and pumped each other up. Here are some highlights from the conversation.

Full post is at: https://blog.mixily.com/blog/how-to-ask-your-community-for-help

Tips for asking your community for help

-“Don’t be afraid” -Allison Krawiec of PoppyLead
-Be direct, give a specific ask (for example if you want support spreading the word about an event or offer, provide a photo and copy of what to post and give clear instructions)
-Ask for testimonials and make it easy for your community to share (provide a Google Form, or set it up like a challenge to post on social media, give directions)
-Make it easy for your community to refer new members (set up a referral program or referral code, create an exclusivity factor that you have to be invited by a member)

Tools to make it easy to ask for help

-Instagram Story polls - “a great way to get snippets of information and easier to reply than a Google Form” -Marisa LaValette of Attune and Align
-Google Form and TypeForm - survey, testimonials
-VideoAsk - made by Typeform, a way to collect answers and feedback with a personalized and fun approach, video yourself asking and respondents reply with video, audio or text
-Interviews - schedule dedicated time to sit down virtually (in your Virtual Venue) or IRL with your community members and get to know them and their full story

Mindset & Other Suggestions

-Mindset shift - “think if your best friend asked this question how would you respond. What kind of request would you want to receive in your inbox? Keep audience of your ask in mind and think how you would receive it coming from someone you really love” -Lis Best
-Find ways to make it unique when you ask for help - “if you’re sending cold outreach include a gift card to Starbucks and make it an invite for a virtual coffee” -Amanda Kelly Espiritu Find your own flavor and way of asking for help.
-“If you ask for help and the answer is no, remember that it' probably has nothing to do with you and don’t take it personally. Your foot is in the door and they know of you, it could always turn into a yes in the future. Make the ask and remember that no is not the end of the world. “ -Miraya of Mixily
-“Put your heart on your sleeve. I am most inspired by leaders who are vulnerable and putting out their work.” - Mariya Leona
-“It is an unreasonable expectation that one person should know how to do everything.” -Marisa LaValette of Attune and Align Look through your rolodex and find someone to help.
-“You never want to be the bottleneck.” -Amanda Kelly Espiritu If you want your business and community to be sustainable, empower other people. Keep practice asking for help. “Shift your perspective of how to make your community sustainable beyond you".”

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