How to attract early users?

Hey Everybody!

We have recently launched the MVP version of our product and we are very struggling with attracting early followers.
What can you recommend to attract first users, and how to develop a communication channel with them?

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    Early users tend to be people who have a strong need that isn't being met elsewhere, so they'll put up with rough edges in the product because they want their specific problem solved.
    In your About section, you hint at shortcomings in existing solutions. What are those shortcomings and how do you make them go away?
    Personally, I would slim down your site and focus your messaging very hard on the single most painful problem you solve. Mention other benefits, but make it clear you do X extremely well. Even better, I'd choose a single type of user and focus on them. Eg 'we solve X problem for small teams'. Drop the industry cases unless you have actual industry-specific benefits (in which case your messaging is 'we solveX problem for small teams in Y industry').
    Then go looking for places where those users discuss their problems and tell them you exist. Journalists and influencers can be very helpful if you have something genuinely interesting for their audience.
    This all takes time and you can't sit around waiting to see if you chose the right problem/user combination, so all means try targeting additional markets with additional landing pages, but keep them separate and focused - don't try to combine all messaging in one place because you'll end up with a diluted message that attracts nobody strongly.
    BTW this is an excellent guide to creating focused product pages: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/my-step-by-step-guide-to-landing-pages-that-convert-9daefb2064
    Hope that helps. Good luck!

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      This is a great answer! Thanks a lot! I will take a look on the guide you linked

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    This depends entirely on the product and where your target users tend to hand out online. What's your product?

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      It's an online document editor www.reskript.com
      It would be great to hear some feedback!

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