How to automatically get new jobs added in your job board

Hello everyone,

I am planning to create a job board for a specific job and I was wondering if you know where I could find a sort of a guide, if it ever existed, that explains how to automatically get and add new jobs in your board website, considering that I am not a programmer, or some process that downloads all the new positions in a new file.

I know that this can be done manually but automating the process would be make life easier. Something that collects all the new jobs posted on different site, for that specific role, and saved in a spreadsheet automatically or something like this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    @Whistl3r we do this at https://jboard.io for job boards that are running on our platform. We give them the ability to auto-import jobs from a job board by just pasting the link to the companies job board page. If you are interested I can give you a demo of our product, feel free to dm me at "Marty at jboard.io".

    Here is an example of a job board running on our platform and all the jobs are automatically imported as of now - https://managerspath.io

    But If you are looking for a free solution, some job boards provide XML feed as an RSS(for example indeed.com, remoteok.io). You can try to import that feed into your job board in an automated way. This approach can work but it has few disadvantages

    1. The user experience is not going to be best because a user is going to enter click on a "apply link" on your job board and it will redirect him to remoteok.io for example. And after, on Remoteok.io the user will have to click "apply" again to go to the original application form. The best UX will be just to redirect to the original job post.

    2. Many job boards are not providing an image of the company, so overall your job board will look a little dry, without company images.

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      Thank you Marty for your input. Currently I am looking for a free solution, not knowing if the job board that I have in mind will be successful. However, I have bookmarked jboard.io in case I will need it at some point. Cheers!

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    Here is what I do for my job board https://entrylevelremotejob.com/

    1. Run a script to fetch all jobs (could be api, scraper or from a file)
    2. Loop over all the jobs and check if the job is already in the database or not (you can check uniqueness by title, links, etc)
    3. Insert only the jobs that are already not in the database

    I am using Python to automate all these process.

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      Thank you sagunsh! Not being a technical guy this could be impossible for me. Do you know if there is some sort of tutorial that shows how to run these steps that you've just described here?

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        No idea if there is a step by step tutorial. But think of it like this - build it manually and try automating each part of it. That's how I reached there. Beside that it is just the code, if you know basic coding it should be easy.

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    We're doing this manually. Not sure you will find an easy unpaid solution for this niche problem.

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