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How to become a podcast guest

I've been listening to a bunch of Indie podcasts (Indie Hackers, Software Social, Run with it etc) for a while now and I'd like to appear as a guest on a few podcasts. It would be a great way to generate more interest in my side project and a good learning experience in general.

What would make a podcast host interested in having me as a guest? I'm a white male software developer running my SaaS as a side project so there's really no diversity or rags to riches story. I've 10 years experience in software development for the web so have plenty of insight to share. I also consider myself an introvert so appearing on a podcast would be out of my comfort zone (all the more reason to do it!).

What angle would you take when approaching podcast hosts to get them interested in your story?

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    if you wrote a bit more of your story with angles that folks might find interesting to deep-dive into... that would be great! building a brand yourself is a good place to start... so others can get a sense.

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