How to become an entrepreneur?

What is the right way?

Is there a way?

If you are someone who is looking for answers to these questions, this is for you.

A hard truth -

There are no answers to these questions.

As Timothy Ferriss says, "There are as many paths for becoming an entrepreneur as there are entrepreneurs today. There's no single right way for it. Memorizing someone else's playbook is not the solution."

I think, when people look around to find a solution to these questions, they don't look for a solution, they look for the simplest solution. This is where they get wrong.

We tend to catch onto some things just because of the FOMO, and we don't ask this simple question to ourselves, "Is it worth doing?"

Just by asking this simple question, we can save a lot of time and energy.

You've to identify your obsession behind doing something, and why you are gravitating towards that thing, the basic reasons for doing it. Once you are fairly clear on that, you will find YOUR own curated path of becoming an entrepreneur.

I know, these motivating and provoking lines are not easy to act upon, even when they make perfect sense. But this is where the power of being consistent & resilient shows its magic.

This is what I do, whenever it gets uncomfortable, I remind myself of the reasons I started in the first place. Once you get comfortable doing this, once you get comfortable being uncomfortable, nothing can stop you.

You can have 20 failed ventures before you end up getting a win. So take that first step.
Stop fantasizing, start doing.

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