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How to Boost Amazon Sales Rank in 2021 ?

In order to sell more products on Amazon, your products need to attract more potential shoppers. In other words, you need to rank higher in Amazon search results.

First, we need to know What is Amazon sales rank?

Your Amazon sales rank is 1 to 1 million (or higher, depending on the product category). It describes how well your product sells relative to other products in your category. The lower the number, the better the product sells. So, if your sales rank is #1, it means that your product is selling best. And Amazon Sales Rank is an indicator of a product’s sales compared to similar products, also known as Amazon Best Sellers Rank or BSR (Best Sellers Rank), which is an important indicator of the overall product.

What Amazon sellers can do with Amazon Sales Rank?

1.Select product :
We can see the best-ranking BSR goods under the category, we can also easily see the ranking of the goods under each parent category through the hover window, not only that, but we can also intuitively see its BSR and BSR growth.

2.Monitor Competitors:
We can also monitor the changes in the BSR of competing products and improve sales by advertising and other means.

How to improve Amazon Sales Rank?

Have a flawless product title

Your product title is the first thing shoppers will notice. You want to make sure yours a) grabs their attention and b) matches what they’re looking for.

Top-notch product photography

The other thing shoppers notice in the product results in your product image. Your main product image should include the entire product within frame, against a white background, and without any additional text or graphics.

Optimize your product description

After shoppers have fun browsing through your photos, they may go ahead and buy. But others will want to know more. This is where an excellent product description comes in handy.

Keep your prices competitive

Price is a crucial factor for Amazon sellers. If you’re not competitive you’ll miss on sales and your Amazon Sales Rank will suffer.

Supply more best-selling products:

Sellers can see what the best-selling products are and find inspiration from them to see if they can transform it into more products, supply more colors, sizes, etc.

Expand your target market

Be careful not to focus only on the most obvious consumers; consider whether the product is right for the business? That said, you should consider selling wooden cutting boards to restaurants or bistros that serve food on cutting boards. Sellers can also customize the product for them by adding a store Logo.

Stay innovative

Do you have a lot of competitors? In other words, are there any other stores selling the exact same products as yours? If so, then you may want to develop the product in depth and find out what it is that consumers want.

Finally, BSR is the most concerned indicator as a seller, it directly affects the amount of goods shown, if you want to know more, quickly go to AmzChart( https://amzchart.com) to see it.

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