How to boost your Twitter with a simple hack

🖖Hi, folks! Ya'll know Twitter is one of the most important marketing channels for your product and growing up your audience can be tricky.

But I've found out a one simple hack which you can use and boost your activity and audience!


I've been scrolling the twitter trends feed at the morning as always. All these tweets about javascript, 100 days of code, no code, tricks and tips for coding a thing and etc. And here is a one guy I've been interested:

Wow, all his tweets got a good traction. Then I saw a number of followers.

🤨 258 Followers and so much traction on the tweets? Wow, here has to be a trick I should try. May be, if I've been following all these coding hashtags then I'll get a traction?

🚀 My results

Ok, I decided to make a useful post about coding today and add these coding hashtags(#javascript, #100daysOfCode, #HTML).

Firstly, my stats on prev tweets:

Then, I've included some hashtags, wrote a useful post and posted it. Results:

Wow, 3 times better than my prev tweets! What's behind this street magic? The answer is simple — there are a lot of guys on Twitter who make some newsletter bot accounts retweeting other guys using hashtags. What's a purpose of these accounts? It seems they hope you'll subscribe to them for the help of retweeting they gave you.

🔥 Most importantly, the more retweets you get, the more activity from real people you got. I've got some replies about my post and likes from real people, and you can use that hack for boosting up your activity, you do nothing wrong, you just add relevant hashtags to your posts and the Twitter street magic helps you!

So just go to a twitter trends feed and find good hashtags. Add hashtags in your tweets and get a real boost activity! That's simple. Here are some coding hashtags you can try: #100DaysOfCode, #javascript, #HTML, #CSS, #Python, #code, #coding

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What other Twitter hacks do you know? Comment! :)

  1. 2

    Simple but effective. I have seen similar gains in engagement when using hashtags

    Thanks for the tip!

  2. 2

    I just followed your instruction & I got 127 Impressions, 3 retweet, & four Likes within 2 Mins. Awesome tip

    Thanks @maxrand17

  3. 2

    interesting... have you tried other hashtags that work out not only programming?

    1. 3

      Well, not yet! I've been so impressed of the activity so the first thing was to share it with community :)

    2. 1

      A list of such hashtags would be pure gold.

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