How to Build a Lead Generation SaaS Using Airtable and SaaSBox


We're building a tool that makes it easy to launch a SaaS. A few of our users showed interest in adding nocode embeds into their user dashboard areas.

We thought, why not build a nocode SaaS using Airtable, since it is a popular tool. Thanks to Airtable embeds and editable views, it turned out to be an easy exercise compared to building an application using a framework such as ReactJS.

Finding a viable SaaS idea can be challenging. A simple idea that fits well to Airtable bases is to build a lead generation database. Lead generation data can be valuable if it generates new business for a particular kind of company.

Generic lead generation databases are commonly available, but there may be an opportunity to be unique, focusing in a niche audience, e.g. a lead generation tool for X type of businesses.

As a result, here is the step-by-step guide we created on How to launch a Lead Generation SaaS using Airtable and SaaSBox, in about an hour.


What do you think? If you have other SaaS ideas that would work with Airtable, we'd love to take a note for future tutorials.

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