How to build confidence

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    This was an amazing read with really great insights. Love the way you write and infuse personal anecdotes throughout your writing. Especially loved this one-liner, “Growth should be uncomfortable, but not fatal.” Thanks for sharing this post, really resonated with me being a first time founder going through some of the same issues (imposter syndrome, needing to raise belief capital, and finding effective ways to lead people who are way smarter than I am)!

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      Thanks Tony! Have fun with your company :)

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    Linda, great post!

    "Growth should be uncomfortable, but not fatal"

    So true. It's easy to work in an unsustainable way that it's sometimes difficult to see the thin line between uncomfortable and fatal.

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      Thanks Maeva! I've been thinking a lot more about the magic of compounding, and how it only emerges from consistent effort :) Here's a related article about the importance of average speed: https://jamesclear.com/average-speed

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        Loved the article. It reminded me of my new fitness routine. For a while I trained super hard. The no pain, no gain mentality. Always maxing things out. But I was always injured. Eventually lost my gains and motivation.

        Last year I started working out again, only this time more in line with the compound method, consistent training (almost every day) with minimal or no muscle ache. Just a bit soar. But I'm way stronger now than ever before, without getting injured.

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          Such a great example!

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    Aw, shucks, that gifted program bit made me audibly gasp 😂. Great read!

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      haha thanks Julian!

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