How to choose an ethical stack

Hi, i'm looking for advice on something (kinda new and don't now if this is the place to do it)

For some time now i'm starting to be more involved in the ethical issues of web development and the tools we use when we are building our apps

So for example i have to implement a captcha solution for a website and instead of relying on the default (reCaptcha) i was looking to this alternative
https://www.hcaptcha.com/ (planning to donate the profits that this could generate)

Do you have any ideas of more services that could be considered more ethical that the default solutions

(for example, i can't think of a good alternative for aws)
thanks in advance

Love the community!

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    Depends how you define Ethical.

    I think there are at least to two separate categories: the 'trying to avoid really bad practices or outcomes' and then there is 'actively taking steps to improve a particular cause'

    At the moment I have been very thoughtful of my tech stack. My thesis is that it is unhealthy to have all of the world's most influential people in the Valley ('data point of one applied to the entire world'). I love the idea of democratising the entrepreneurial ecosystem and always try to choose companies located outside of the Valley (particularly in Australia or Europe) and, obviously, would always prioritise indiehackers :)

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    Commenting to follow. I love this question.

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    Been mulling on the same thoughts. For example, just this morning seeing changes made by Elastic because of bad business practices from Amazon.

    I'm doing some digging to figure out what a reasonable alternative to AWS would be. The reality though will be integrating with a number of separate services which likely means more complex setup and maintenance. Hard choice for a solopreneur.

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      Also hard for people working as employee, it's hard trying to make the case of a more ethical project when almost always it means more time of development

      AWS is the big thing i'm trying to quit, but i'm lacking information of the "good" alternatives, and also i found out i'm lacking the experience to implement a more complex solution

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    @juandans i found this site some time ago, it helped me in checking alternatives for tech stack: https://ethical.net/resources/

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