How to choose company brand colors?

I'm currently working on a startup on the product design side of things and was curious in asking if there are any platforms you all use that help filter through colors that help with narrowing down color options?

I'm familiar with Adobe Kuler & Coolors but curious in seeing if there's any other platforms that might come to mind?

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    I have created a tool to showcase color palettes from different brands, maybe it can help you to get some inspiration.
    I also added links to some design systems.

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      Hah! That is pretty cool to see those things side-by-side ...

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    I'm building a tool that generates palettes and color systems with ease. Further, you can see how the generated palette will look on any illustration, UI, image, literally anything with one click!


    P.S. It also has a powerful Figma plugin, that can supercharge your color workflow :)

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    I wrote a blog post bridging between the programming world and color design for more background, but my process is mostly to pick a primary color based on common associations (usually, blue is cool and "stable," red is warm and "active")and pick the secondary colors as somewhere from 15 to 60 degrees in each direction from the primary hue (as in HSV). The actual angle depends on the color--since there are many more cyan hues than violet hues--and how much the site feels like it'd benefit from a monochromatic-ish color scheme.

    Then, check the colors for contrast and color-blindness (which can mostly be done with math, too, as I note in the blog post), and juggle from there.

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    Hard to say without knowing more about your company.

    One of my favorite examples of color branding is https://www.charitywater.org/ they choose the yellow containers used to carry water for their logo and accent color, rather than solely sticking with blue

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    I'm not aware of a tool for it, but I did was look up videos on colour theory.

    I learned colours mean different things to different people, but there isn't just one meaning (i.e. Netflix chose red even though it's often used to mean stop, danger, etc.).

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      @thosiawa Thank you for this! I'll go ahead and plan on checking out some YouTube videos also.

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        In case it helps, I also learned the font is probably more important. They convey many meanings.

        I'm pursuing something more creative, so I searched creative agencies and used them as inspiration.

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