How to collect reviews as a freelancer?

Let's have a quick discussion about how to collect reviews and ratings from our clients so that we can use those as evidence in the future.

Even as an employee is there any better solution where we can store our reviews from companies?

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    I've been using LinkedIn to get people to write a review about me. I know that there are sites as well where you can leave video-testimonials but I've preferred LinkedIn and then I can just reference that in my copy.

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      I'm also using LinkedIn to store recommendations but looking for a site where i can store true feedbacks from verified clients.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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        Hmm. I see what you mean. Not sure how you can have this verified though. Maybe it would be possible if you go through a platform like UpWork or Toptal to have it verified.

        Cool idea if you could figure out a solution for it.

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          We have been working on it. I was thinking is there other people are facing same issue or not?

          Have a look at our solution: https://grabstar.io/

          Still, we are working on how to verify a review.

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            Looks cool! Yeah how to verify the review is tricky.

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