How to conduct retail arbitrage on Amazon?

Create an Amazon seller account

Before starting your seller journey on Amazon, you should go to Amazon first to sign in or create your account, remember, register yourself as a seller account in this step. Then you have to decide which seller plan you are going to choose. And my suggestion is if you don’t have lots of items to sell, the individual plan is better for you.

Conduct product research

No matter which business model you are engaged in on Amazon, you need to conduct product research. How to perform it? One of the most effective and convenient ways is to check the Amazon sales rank (BSR) because Amazon BSR is closely related to the product’s historical and current sales. Therefore, it is best to choose a product with a relatively small BSR number to find similar but low-priced products.

AmzChart, an Amazon BSR chart tool could help you find what’s trending on Amazon right now, by referring to this sales rank, you won’t be purchasing an item that no one would buy it. Find some good products, then write down their current prices, and then take this long list to find the products you want to sell for a profit.

Sourcing products with different ways & Compare prices

Sourcing locally in bricks and mortar stores

When you wander around the local market looking for good products, you can start with the clearance items. At the same time, you also need to check the condition of the items. If you sell defective items on Amazon, you may get negative reviews from customers.

Sourcing products online(online retail)

We mentioned earlier that you can do some product research through Amazon BSR. In addition to buying some discounted products in local physical stores, you can also go to some supplier platforms such as AliExpress to find some products that can be retailed (AliExpress is very popular among dropshippers and you can use it for retail arbitrage).

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