How to connect 100 third party API’s?

Hello guys,

I’m building a product that require a lot of connections to Third party services via their API.

I’ll need to connect up to ~80-100 API’s.

Is there any service/tool that I can use to simplify this?
I was thinking if zapier has public API, so I can connect to Zapier and through Zapier control third party tools that I need (this way I’ll need to connect only 1 API instead of 100), but Zapier doesn’t have public API for that :)

Do you know any similar service or tool that will help me accomplish that?

Thank you!

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    Totally no offense but, with 80-100 third party integrations to maintain, you're in for a world of hurt buddy.

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      Yeah, I'm curious what the use case is for so many integrations

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    Integromat (Zapier but on Steriods) - no coding option

    RapidAPI - a coding option

    I have been tinkering around with Integromat lately and it is pretty impressive. They also have a json api connection for any connector they dont have and a public api for connecting into your workflows.

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    I'm working on a project that could help --> https://www.integrations.love/

    You're exactly the kind of people for which we're building our product.

    I would love to hear more about what you want to build.

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      On the first version of the product ---> https://www.simplifier.eu

      We already have 65 APIs available and you can add new ones if needed.

      The full list there --> https://airtable.com/shrY3qJAUfd6mhISs

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        hello @Vallem,
        thank you! I just sent you an email (found in your profile).

        Let's have a call and discuss, your product looks good.

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    Maybe it's a good idea to tell us a few services you need, because maybe nobody integrated the APIs you want?

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    Can you specify the third-party services for example?. Check https://fireapis.com platform which lets to create APIs without any backend, currently, we have authentication APIs, stripe APIs, airtable APIs, notion APIs added to our marketplace and we have planned to add some more third party APIs

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