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How to create an animated logo GIF ?

Akash Kadyan @akashkadyan

Hello Makers 👋

I am launching a product on Product Hunt & for that I need an animated logo in form of a GIF.

If anyone knows how that can be done, please help me out :)

I discovered some websites where I can create it but I can't use my own logo there, they ask me to create it using their own templates.

Example :

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    Hey there @akashkadyan I have experience with making these. I use Adobe After Effects.

    You can see some examples of what I've done here I've also made our promo video for our Chrome Extension launch in After Effects, it's a great tool to learn.

    I would recommend just YouTube'n - Simple Logo Animation After Effects, Spin Logo After Effects, etc... learn very simple examples, and eventually you can tie them together. I hope this helps!

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    Ideally for simple animations I would use photoshop. If you need a free alt you can use gimp :

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    i think you can use aftereffect and lottie

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    Photoshop is a great way to create animated gifs, we put a step by step guide together a few years back:

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      +1 photoshop. Should also be an import video as frames option, so you don't necessarily make the animation in PS, just export as gif

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    I think you can do this on Canva if you already have a logo (you can animate it there). Or kapwing

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      Canva does have an animate feature and it's easy.

      Add a background and add a foreground (your logo) click that play icon near share icon on top and 🔮🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️

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    Sound to me that you will need experience in Photoshop or similar. Interested in a potential solution too :)

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