How to create AWS RDS Postgres instance for Django Project + Security Groups Rules

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    Decent guide. Great work with this one, Kostja 🤝

    1. 2

      Thanks, Alexander! Positive feedback keeps me going :)

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    Thanks for adding the screenshots, they were helpful.

    1. 1

      With the level of mess that AWS Panel is - screenshots are must :D

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    nice. I'm considering to deploy my next Django app as a Lambda function. That would solve the problem where to store the app database.

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      fyi, if you use Postgres + Lambda then you probably also want to use RDS Proxy https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/compute/using-amazon-rds-proxy-with-aws-lambda/ , otherwise you could hit a postgres limit with too many connections.

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        The magic of cloud computing in which a solution creates problems for which solutions are provided. A forest of options that let's the non-technical indiehacker get lost before entering.

        Working for ages in IT now, I once came to the realization that I get paid to know stuff that is important to know but nobody wants to know.

        Anyway, thanks for the link. It makes totally sense to consider the RDS proxy for a Django Lambda scenario.

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