How to create your first info-product

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    I think the biggest thing is promotion. Finding the right places to promote and not feel like you are just some road sales person! You have to find the right places and not just show up and sell. You need to build relationships and trust.

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      Can't agree more. Promotion & distribution are the hard part!

      That's why I dedicated 2 of my products to this particular problem!

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    Sounds easy, execution is a challenge :)

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      Distribution is the hardest part yes!

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    How did you come up with “19$”?

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      You have to start somewhere. 19 is an easy price, it does not come with much friction.
      But you can start with 10 or 29, that doesn't really matter. Just go with something you comfortable with

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    What is an "info-product"? Any examples?

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      An ebook, or a notion template for instance

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    Upon completion you'll have plenty of experience for the next info product you're gonna make :)

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    It could all be so simple. 😎

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