How to customize Website Like PRO

"How to customize Website" This is an obvious question every Website owner, Blogger have, even though you have website build in WordPress.

There are 3 options to customize WordPress Website:

  1. Hire Web Developer.
  2. Learn WordPress development and Do It Your Self.
  3. Use WordPress Page Builders to customize.

Out of this, 3 option seems is very easy that one can use.

But the problem with most of the Page builders are:

  1. Less customization features
  2. Heavy useless features
  3. Less pre-designed templates
  4. Slow downs the Website Speed.

So the question is that, "Which is the best page builder" that solve all above problems.

I have compiled an blog post reviewing best WordPress page builder that solves all above problems and offers excellent features & benefits like:

  1. Offer in builder Feature to capture Leads. i.e. Lead Popups
  2. Reusable pre-designed Templates.
  3. Affordable.
  4. Cleans the code after deactivating plugin
  5. And the last, It doesn't impact much on Website Speed.

So go check out this amazing page builder review here: Click here to read the review, Is this best Page builder?


  1. 1

    If you have coding skills (even the bare minimum) I'd go with Carrd no doubt!

    You get rid of heavy bloat you don't need, spotless UI and ready to focus on what matters: tell interesting stuff!

    That is what I am doing for myself (work in progress): https://francisco-san.carrd.co/

    1. 1

      If you need just a landing page, Carrd is perfect.
      For more than that, you should probably look at something else (unfortunately)

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