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How to deal with Stripe international fees?

Hey fellow makers!
We're using Stripe as our payment provider at @mailmeteor.

Our company is based in Paris, France but most of our customers are located in the US and other countries outside of the EU.

Several of our clients noticed on their bank statement that they were charged an additional international transactional fee from Stripe, ranging from $0.23 to $0.27.

We don't understand why would Stripe charge our clients a supplementary fee, as we are already charged on our side? When we contacted Stripe, they were clueless about this. It's also worth mentioning that this international fee appears as a "Mailmeteor" fee on our clients' bank statement.

Have any of you encountered these unexpected Stripe fees and found a way to fix them?


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    Found the culprit: it's Visa.


    "In April 2008, Visa implemented an international service assessment (ISA) fee of 0.80% (eighty basis points). In April of 2019 Visa increased the base ISA fee to 1.00%. The fee applies along with other Visa fees for international transactions."

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