Legal, Tax, and Accounting September 13, 2020

How to deal with taxes in India/Asia if the company is registered in US ?

Vikas Yadav @biku7

So for my online startup, we are 2 co-founders. My other co-founder is from US and we are registering the company in US itself as LLC.

So my qstn is that how am I going to pay the taxes on behalf of revenue we will be generating every year? Do I need to have now US TAX Id ? How that works? Anyone can help out?

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    If you reside in India, you'll pay income tax in India. The US LLC owes taxes in the US, but it's a pass-through structure. A pass-through structure means that the company does not pay taxes on the profit, but it passes the taxes duty to its owners.
    The LLC owners owe income taxes in the county (or countries) where they qualify to be tax residents. If you are a tax resident in India you'll pay income taxes in India, not in the US. If you qualify as rax residents in both countries, you'll pay taxes in both places according to the double taxation treaty between the US and India.

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